Privacy Policy

Digital Content Writers India takes every client’s privacy concerns very seriously. We guarantee to safeguard each of our client’s personal information and privacy that you share with us while accessing our website or using it to buy our services. Please make sure that you thoroughly read the policies before buying our services or providing us with your personal details. By using our website or utilising our services, you agree to the below mentioned conditions.

Information collected

Digital Content Writers India will collect the client’s personal information only if they provide consent. Visitors can seamlessly browse through the website anonymously and get an understanding of the services that are being offered without disclosing any personal information. Your personal details are gathered only when you fill out the online form or when you request a quote, and that can include your name, address, mobile number, contact details, and date of birth.

Site security

Our website uses an SSL certificate to create an encrypted connection.


Third party payment services are employed while you make a payment with us through the site. When you initiate a payment, you will be redirected to the website of your preferred payment service provider. The personal details you disclose to the third-party payment service will be subject to the privacy policy of the service provider.


Cookies are small files. They can be sent to a user’s computer using a web browser if and only if the user has allowed it in the settings of the browser. So as to improve the browsing experience of the user, the website will remember and collect certain information.

Digital Content Writers India employs cookies to monitor the traffic, interaction, and performance of the website so as to provide the clients with an improved site navigation experience every time they visit the website.

Trademark protection

Trademarks, logos, and contents employed on this site are reserved by trademark law. Without the prior consent of the company, you are completely restricted from using them.

Unauthorised use of website content

All content provided on the website is the sole property of Digital Content Writers India. By using this website, you agree that you will not use the service content or samples provided for any unauthorised use.

Disclaimer of warranty

We maintain our website free of any kind of malware. Please take note that we cannot be held liable for any kind of damage to your system or data loss that has occurred as a result of downloading any files or using any services.